Jasmina’s Jusitce: a novel


A murderous Nazi on the run now masquerading as a holy man, a crazy woman and her bewitched plants, a lonely and sad actress struggling to walk out of the ghastly shadows of her tormented past as a teenage girl, an artful master of misinformation dodging the officialdom with fake news, a mischievous Tibetan refugee girl and her pranks, depravity disguised as tantric sex, and buff envelopes stuffed with cash which make greedy officials run.

In this weird world, when a young woman starts on a journey to seek justice for the cold murder of her benefactor and the brutal rape of two destitute children she comes to a head with pure evil. The anguish of a child’s trauma penetrates deep into every human heart. But evil has no heart.

A touching tale of empathy and compassion of a woman as strong as the mountains surrounding her small, scenic hometown in the foothills of Himalayas, in 1965 and earlier. When you put it down, you will feel you have been to a different world, a grim but real world that sadly still exists with a new cast of characters.

76,500 words so far and still pounding the keyboard

Raven’s Revenge: a novel


‘It’s weak, wild, weird, whacky, wishy-washy.’

‘Running out of w’s for a witty put-down of my wonderful plan, are we?’

‘It’s a worn-out idea that has been around for centuries. The next you will be telling me that we will be going to London in your self-moving chariot?’

‘Yes, and they now call it railways.’

‘Pulled by puffs of steam, not by the perpetual-motion fantasy of madmen.’

Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming